No Greenlight, No Approach (Concluding part)

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Women always choose. The Animal Kingdom knows it. PĂ®mps know it. It’s about time you knew it too. Don’t let your ego tell you otherwise.
Women choose!

That’s how the Game goes. No matter how powerful you are. No matter how good you’re with women. The rule applies to all men: Women have to choose you.

Being Powerful and being Good with women makes it easier to be chosen. But still, you have to be chosen.
The reason why getting girls has been torturous for you is because you’ve been doing it all wrong.

You’ve been forcing yourself on women. Stop it. Don’t force yourself on women who had zero interest in you. That’s why rejection has been a outcome.

The few women you randomly approached with success emboldened you on the wrong path. A path that has ended with you now afraid to approach women on the street.
That’s why you sweat and tremble at the idea of talking to a pretty girl on the street.

Women are very PICKY. 9 times out of 10 you’re not what she’s looking for. But even though picky not all women like the same thing and even the same woman doesn’t like the same thing everytime.

One day a rich woman will want to taste a broke man’s D. One day a white woman will wanna taste a black man’s D. One day a teenage girl will wanna taste a grown man’s D. One day a grown woman will wanna taste a teenage boy’s D. You see it all around you.

You cannot read the mind of women, even the Devil cannot read minds, but the women whose mind is on you will give you SIGNALS.
Your job is to look for these signals in the women you meet.

Your eye must ever be on alert. Be it in Church or Club. At the grocery shop or hospital. At a Wedding or Funeral. On the street or in the bus. Among beautiful women or among ugly women. Among young women or among older women. You are to be in perpetual search mode.

What exactly are Green Lights? Let’s talk about that in another thread.

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