Subtle Ways The Person You Are Dating Is Tired of You! Why They Are Tired of You(concluding part)

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….this is continuation of the previous post (Subtle Signs The Person You Are Dating is Tired of You)

Here are some reasons WHY they are tired of you:

  1. They’ve seen someone else. You are no longer the priority for them.
  2. They have gotten what they want from you.
    Sex (ladies mostly experience this) or a financial aid.
  3. They’ve been mandated and pressured by friends, family, church leaders e.t.c to end things with you.
  4. They are no longer attracted to you. They’ve been driven away by your character and attitude towards them. They no longer want to continue with you.

When you notice the Relationship is no longer working, when you start witnessing these signs then you need to be realistic with your self. Yes, it’s hard but the reality have just set in. You have to dust your sandals and move on if both dialogue and little begging fails.

A Relationship is not meant to be forced. Game wey go cut go cut no matter how many you stake on

Don’t ignore the RED FLAGS . It’s always better if you do the breaking up, than they give you all the signs and symptoms and you ignore and still hold on till they eventually just leave you in the relationship dating yourself or introduce you to their new partner while you’ve been hoping and hanging on.

Yes it may HURT now, but you’ll HEAL.

You deserve to be with someone who wants to be with you.

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