Nice Guys Are Sluts; Bad Boys Are Good Girls (3)

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Bad Boys and Good Girls on the other hand don’t easily give out what their gender controls. Since men control commitment, the Bad Boy is stingy with it and just have their way go. And since women control s^x, the Good Girl is stingy with it and just accepts commitments and never opens her legs.

When a Bad Boy who hates the whole world shows his love to one girl then that girl has to really deserve it. When a Good Girl who has friend-zoned the whole world opens her legs to a guy then that guy has to really deserve it.

While sex from a Slut is as cheap as commitment from a Nice Guy; However, commitment from a Bad Boy is as expensive as s^x from a Good Girl is. Both are so hard to get.


Christmas is Christmas because it comes once a year. If everyday was Christmas then Christmas would lose its value.
The sweetness of Christmas is that it comes once after such a long time.

Just like the commitment and love of a Bad Boy. Because it’s so hard to earn, no matter how much s^x a girl offers him, makes it so sweet if and when a girl manages to get it.

It’s the Law of Supply and Demand. If a product is in plentiful or abundance in supplies, its values goes down. If a product is in short supply, its price goes up.
Nice Guys “flood the market” with commitment and love forcing the value of their love down. Just like sluts “flood the market with s^x” forcing the value of it down.

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