Nice Guys Are Sluts; Bad Boys Are Good Girls (4)

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It’s never an event to f:k a slut. Just like it’s never an event to get a Nice Guy’s commitment. It’s freely given.

A Nice Guy falls in love without s^x while a Bad Boy f:ks a lot without falling in love. They are exact opposites.
Meanwhile a Slut f:cks a lot without getting commitment and a Good Girl gets a lot of commitment without f:ckin anyone. They are exact opposites.

But the Nice Guy and the Slut make the perfect team. They both share a weakness of being Pleasers. That’s why most sluts marry Nice Guys when they retire from the Game at 35.
On the other side; the Bad Boy and the Good Girl make the perfect team that’s why Good Girls always fall for Bad Boys.
To the horror and shock of society.

Society imagines the Nice Guy is the Good Guy and wishes to see him paired up with the Good Girl. But the Nice Guy and the Good Girl don’t mix. They are not the
same. Being good for girls does not have the same meaning for boys.
In the same way being a good animal for a Lion is “being a good killer of other animals”; while being a good animal for an impala is “to eat grass in peace”. It’s about being the best suited for the purpose nature gave you.

Knives must be sharp but sharpness is a bad thing for drum sticks. They will cut up the drums. Society sees the Nice Guy’s pursuit for commitment over s^x as a virtue. But society is wrong because the Nice Guy is only using commitment to try to get s^x. That’s why Nice Guys only hang around Sluts only to complain they are not getting s^x.

Here is a truth pill people don’t realize : NICE GUYS don’t HANG AROUND GOOD GIRLS.


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