Nice Guys Are Sluts; Bad Boys Are Good Girls (Pt 6)

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When the Bad Boy meets the Good Girl for the first time he pays for the s^x with his heart and when the Good Girl meets the Bad Boy for the first time she pays for the commitment with her p**.

These two tame each other. Each finds an equal in the other. They can’t outsmart each other. The unstoppable force has met the immovable object.
Master Key has met Master Lock. That is why Bad Boys marry Good Girls and everyone goes crazy.

Just like Bad Boy Player JayZ married Good Girl Beyonce and everyone went crazy. This is a lesson every man must learn.
Both the Bad Boy and the Good Girl are the rare ones of their gender. The Unicorns. They get what they want from the other gender without giving anything of value to that gender.

Since a Bad Boy gets so much s^x without committing (while a Nice Guy commits without getting any), the Good Girl knows the truth pill presented above:

If and when a Bad Boy commits, it won’t be because of s*x. He gets it a lot already. No.
The Bad Boy will love the girl for who she is as a person which will double her value, unlike the Nice Guy who commits without getting any s^x meaning he can love a dozen women that easily and so can’t be trusted to love a woman for who she is, from the heart; because he can just as easily give his commitment to 4 other women just like that.


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