Nice Guys Are Sluts; Bad Boys Are Good Girls (Concluding Part)

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Nice Guys Are Sluts; Bad Boys Are Good Girls (Concluding Part)

The Good Girl knows since the Bad Boy has f:kd without loving, it means no other woman can tempt him away with s^x because the s^x they entice him with, he will take it without giving them his love.
He rules p. P doesn’t rule him.

The Good Girl knows all those other girls are only getting the physical. She owns the emotional. The Bad Boy’s heart is hers, but a Nice Guy’s heart belongs to a dozen women.
So many women own him emotionally while no woman wants him physically.


The Bad Boy is what the good girl would have been if she was born a guy. And the Good Girl is what the Bad Boy would have been if he was born a girl.
Both are alike. They are virgins.

The Player is a male version of a Virgin. Where the female virgin has known love but no sex, the male virgin has known sex but no love. Both have enjoyed what the opposite gender has to offer without giving up what their own gender has to offer.
Both employ the best cunning their gender can employ to get for free what others pay for either with money or with p****. They are best version of their gender.

When the Good Girl looks at a Bad Boy she sees a Virgin and she wants to break that virginity. When the Bad Boy sees a Good Girl he also sees a Virgin and he wants to break that virginity as well.

The Bad Boy’s millions of sperms get to enter many eggs while he remains stingy with Commitment, while the Good Girl remains stingy with p**** while many men commit to her.
These two are Master Keys that open any lock, while the Nice Guy and the Slut are the Bad Locks that any key can open.

This is why women worship Bad Boys and Men worship Good Girl Virgins. They are one of a kind, but Nice Guys and Sluts are universally hated and used.
They are the weakest and cheapest of their genders with zero self-respect.


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