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One of the hardest moment some guys passes through at one stage of their lives is being turned down by someone you really care and wish you have.

Someone your heart beats for and will do anything to have her wrap in your arms.
Unknowingly, you have been excitedly nursing a “false” feelings and thanking your star how lucky you think you could easily win her heart to yourself.

Many times you gladly offer assistance (financial, moral etc) when needed. And, with this, you think, yes, this will give you an easy passage.

Then there come a time you could no longer keep your ‘church feelings’ to yourself. You want to take the ‘ship’ to the next level. After many self examination, you want to define things. You finally summon the courage to ask her out, thinking you’ll get the positive reply “yes”
But to your greatest surprise, she laughed back at you, thinking you are rehearsing the script you are given for a movie role.

At this moment, she still ain’t taking you serious. She’s still not getting what you are up to.
She tells you in a playful manner “stop jor”.

This time you are damn serious, you replied.
She asked “are you for real or you’re joking”?
You also replied “no, I’m not”
Now she’s dumbfounded. Thanks to you! You just put her in the state of confusion.

But as you are still waiting, hoping to get a positive response from her, she gave you a hard knock. The punch took you out because you never see it coming. She just told you

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