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You are there startled and don’t know if to weep or smile at the situation you just find yourself. Your heart is heavy. The only thought running through your mind is wishing the ground could open and bury yourself.

Appetite is lost. You go to bed broken hearted, thinking and counting your loss. The past memories keeps coming your head. You start reminiscing on the past memories, ruminating on where you think you’ve taken a wrong step.

Now you’re caught in the limbo. You don’t know if moving on would be the best decision or give it another trial…
You’ve been in the ‘zone’ unknowingly for a long time. It’s now the reality just dawn on you.

It really hurts, yes, we know it hurts, especially when you wants more. You might be cool but not sexually attracted to her and there is nothing, i repeat, nothing you can do to avert that.
So my brother, the only and the best way out of this is for you to “stop trying and move on”

This is what the wicked phrase
“Let’s Just Be Friends” can do to you.

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