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No Greenlights, No Approach.

We all have that mental image of an Alpha. That man who has balls and not scared to go up there and seduce any woman he desires without waiting for permission.

He’s supposed to be able to approach any female he desires from any class, at any time, any place without being timid. He has balls. After all he is Alpha.

Meeting random women on the street is called the COLD APPROACH.
This term ‘COLD APPROACH’ is taken from something called Cold Calling” i.e A sales practice where by individuals who have not previously shown interest in a product or services are contacted. This is commonly used i telemarketing and only produces maybe a 2% success rate for the most skilled professionals.

Consumers tend to dislike cold calling… ” (Source:
https://www.investopedia.com/terms/c/coldcalling.asp )
This is a mountain of work without any guarantee of success. Likewise a mountain of work without any guarantee of success that you take upon yourself when you randomly hit on ladies on the street who haven’t expressed any interest in you.
It’s a numbers game.

Approach lots of women and a few of them will give a positive response. There is even a theory: Ask 50 girls for sex and 1 will say yes. While the other 49 will totally reject you.

People who love the Cold Approach say it “toughens” you up and gets you used to female rejection. Admittedly, Approaching many girls and getting 1 to accept you may make you seem and appear brave and bring you s^x here and there.

But the real question now is: Why approach many ladies to get 1 girl who’ll accept you when you can watch and study their body languages THEN SIMPLY APPROACH THAT 1 WHO’S LIKELY TO SAY YES?
Isn’t it more pleasant and pleasant?
This writeup will defend and promote such an approach.

To Be Continued…

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