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No Green lights, No Approach

Gold diggers targeting rich men play some certain kind of games most women are unheard of.
The type of game whose principles appear self-defeating and counterproductive, but which work like clockwork. Everything in that game revolves around a deep understanding of the relationship of a man with his money.

This writeup will bring that understanding to you.
Mostly, men’s weakness is the pleasures of the flesh and the weakness of women is the pleasures of the cash.
Women will peep inside a man’s open wallet as eagerly as men will peep inside a woman’s open legs.
Because mostly, the first thing a man wants from a woman is s^x and the first thing a woman wants from a man is money; fat wallet and honey pot (HP) are the treasure of each gender.

A man’s treasure is his fat wallet. And a woman’s treasure is her (HP) between her legs.
Luke 12:34 says about treasure: ” For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”
A woman’s heart is between her legs for her treasure is her HP between her legs. S^x gets her attached because in opening her legs she’s opening her heart.

But a man’s heart is not between his legs, because It is NOT a treasure. It has zero value.
What gets a man attached on the same level as women getting attached through s^x is not s^x but a man’s own treasure: Money.

How do you make a man fall in love with you?
Do you give him s^x?
When it comes to s^x: Women need an emotional connection to have s^x with a man. Men need s^x to create an emotional connection with a woman.

Gold Diggers, because they delay s^x or don’t have s^x at all with men, they need something that can create an emotional connection with a man BEFORE or WITHOUT s^x.
Which is a colossal challenge. How do you make a man emotionally attach to you without sleeping with him?
But Gold Diggers have up their game. They have an uncommon wisdom. They play a kind of a game that appears counterproductive and self-defeating but which works like clockwork: THEY MAKE A MAN SPEND ON THEM.

Here is a little secret only gold diggers know. It’s how high-maintenance, materialistic women, hated as they are by Society, keep getting married to wealthy and powerful men, while low-maintenance women wallow in mediocre relationships.
The secret is this:
Men express their love through money. Money is a man’s emotions.

To Be Continued…

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