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No Green lights, No Approach!

Before you approach women you should first let them show interest in you.
That’s the Hot Approach.

Instead of you approaching 100 women just to get only 1 to say Yes. Study 100 women and identify that 1 woman that’s most likely to say Yes then approach only her.

That way there’s less stress, less pain and less guesswork.

To be happy in life, a woman must love you more than you love her. Just as women themselves know, for them to be happy a man must love them more than they love the man.
Because in any relationship the one who loves LESS is the happiest, the most important and the Prize.

If you want to be happy as a man let women show they like you FIRST before approaching them. Why? Because every woman has a Sexual Imprint which determines what type of men turns her on, which is shaped primarily by her parents (in Virgins) and by her first sexual experience (in non Virgins).

You can’t guess a woman’s Sexual Imprint and you risk going against it when you randomly approach women without checking for signs of interest also known as Green Lights, which are known internationally as Choosing Signals.

A woman who shows interest in you first is telling you that you are what turns her on. In one go she has solved the Sexual Imprint dilemma for you.

Here are 3 radically different sources vouching for the Hot Approach. For letting women show interest in you first before you approach them.

Source 1: Robert Briffault & Briffault’s law.
Robert Briffault, (French, 1874 – 1948)
is known for what is called Briffault’s law whose first sentence is:
“The female, not the male, determines all the conditions of the animal family…”

In every species, humans included, all relationships happen with the approval, permission and a go-ahead from the female. Not the male. Even the male peacock, colorful as he is, only displays his feathers and the female CHOOSES him or rejects him.

Why did our forefathers fight with sticks infront of girls? To impress the girls so the girls would CHOOSE them. Being chosen has always been the name of the game for the males. Wait to be chosen before seducing any woman.

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