Why Girls Mostly Fall for Bad Boys

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  1. Tolerance and Timing: Generally playboys are tolerant when wooing a lady at least until they achieve their aim, and they can wait without being a pest to the girl (sometimes this is mainly because they are exploring other options). Most of the so-called good guy don’t know when to take a break, theirs is mostly a case of persistent calling and wooing which mainly sound as disturbance to the girl’s ear and eventually put her off.
  2. Fun: Playboy generally are masters of pleasure, not that good guys are not fun to be with, but most of them are too conservative in their approach (words and act) and mainly don’t know how to increase the tempo when it comes to playfulness. And most good girls have experienced little of this, so when they eventually have it in dose they tend to drown in it and crave for more, which eventually results in them falling helplessly for the guy.
  3. Con: playboys are con-artist they can mask their intentions to favour their chances of getting a girl, they are generally more flexible in their approach than the normal guys. The good guy would believe his genuinity is enough for a girl to fall, whereas most ladies are motivated by different thing entirely especially what they hear, which these con-artist are capable of delivering.
  4. Words: bad boys know what to say and when to speak unlike good boys because they have the experience, it’s always like dejavu to them. Where good boys rehearse what they are going to say and eventually become speechless or run out of words when the moment comes, bad boy become fluent. Most playboys don’t think of what to say the words just come naturally when needed.
  5. Confidence: No girl wants to be with a guy that lack confidence, good guys generally are mostly novice in the female world and are not as bold as their counterpart who generally are filled with confidence. They have done it severally so the believe is there they would conquer again, and the more they conquer the more their confidence increases.

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