The Nice Guy & Traits! Sam & Kay Illustration2

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I believed you’all still remembered Sam…The young, handsome and intelligent lad with many heartbreak stories and experiences… What about his friend Kay?
I hope you do now.
Sam was the guy experiencing series of heartbreaks. The one his ‘nice guy’ heart gets played like a tennis ball of Grandslam competitions
What some people (like Sam), esp guys failed to understand is “handsomeness/good look” alone don’t win hearts. They are so ignorant of the fact that you could have the good looks coupled with the cash and still gets ur heart shattered, played and tossed around like a dancing leaf afloat a flowing river
Then you start wondering why you’re finding it difficult getting to hold one down. You gets your heart tossed around like a Wimbledon’s tennis ball involving Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal. Then you start lamenting with this popular imprint “why always me” like one soccer player back then. You start blaming your innocent village people for your own calamity, not knowing you are the culprit of your own disappointments.
Sometimes, the cause of ‘dumpings’ are from guys cos of the “nice guys” traits they’ve been or are displaying.
NOTE: This isn’t generalization. We still have ladies who are OK with you possessing/displaying such traits, but few
Another thing some guys don’t know is “nice guys” hardly finish first. Many of them always finish last. This is why you see some guys complaining “with all what i did for her, she still left me for another” “with all i bought for her bla bla, still get dumped”
And to add salt to their already shattered heart is when the said lady left them for a guy who’s even below them in terms of ‘dough’. Then you see them claiming all women are the same… They then shut their heart and proceed to build a concrete wall around it. Most find it difficult to move on thereafter…

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