Nice Guys And Traits ‘Illustration’

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Why alws me”?
“why this time”?
“why am i alws unlucky”?
These are the questions that keeps coming out of him ever since he hung up the call.
All of a sudden, the smiling face became teary. The lively atmosphere we both were enjoying turned a graveyard.
Watching him in such state with a river of tears flowing in his eyes made me perplexed. I’ve never seen him so devastated like this since our paths crossed in our 100L.
What could be wrong? Did he received a sad news relating to death of his family members?
These are the questions that keeps coming mind.

Sam is a good looking young man in his late 20s. He came from a well to do background, so his pocket never runs dry. He never run out of cash. He’s so intelligent and this won him many admirers from both males and females in campus.
But despite all these qualities, Sam is so unlucky in one thing “RELATIONSHIP”.

I summoned the courage to ask him what has happened, but like someone that was talking to a mere statue, i got no response. I asked again “is anyone dead”? He shook his head in reply. Then i relaxed a bit before asking this last question
“is it Linda”? Then he replied with a nod in affirmation. Immediately i knew it has happened again
Added to his injury is seeing Kay, his friend and lodge mate having a smooth relationships with his ladies.
Kay, unlike Sam, is an average looking guy. Not as intelligent as Sam. His family is neither rich nor poor. For countless times he has had to come to Sam for little financial assistance. And with all these, just like a drop of sugar attract ants, he still manage to attract the opposite ladies
At such a young age, he has had four failed relationships! First with Precious, Jessica, Charity and lastly, with Linda, the latest catalyst. At the beginnings of each, it always felt Sam has finally found his missing rib. Always tried his best to make each work, but in the long run, their relationship train always hit a rock
Well, in this scenario are two….

To be cont…

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