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The Nice Guys

Hmm! Well, the society we live in has made us believe the word ‘nice’ to be something pleasant, satisfactory, friendly, attractive etc. Yes, very correct, but in ‘today’s females dictionary’ it has a different meaning entirely. Beware of this! To dem a ‘nice guys’ are someone who has no lifes of their own.
Someone who put happiness of ladies above theirs. Who let their ‘ML’ and emotions rule dem at will. Dey are too predictable. And who is ready to sell their soul for a little sniff of lady’s pants. U see dem on facebook thanking ladies for accepting their friends request. Dey like every post of their crush and no mata how ‘fuggly’ she is, dey would wax lyrical how beautiful she is. Dey try hard not to annoy dem ladies. Dey say the seemingly right words and hope to get noticed.
Dey are the type go flooding a girl inbox thinking one day she would respond. Dey can do anything just to pls dem. Dey go spending on girls thinking that dey can BUY dem with gifts and gets frustrated wen dey have been friend zoned. U can overcome all these if this write up describes u.
Kindly note that behaving like this turns dem off emotionally and would only hang around u for only one thing “TO MILK YOU”
To help u take control of your emotions, u have to learn how to turn down ladies. Start by the little things;
turn down that airtime request from that your crush, turn down that your course mate/colleague lunch request, turn down that outing request, however u may, but subtly, funnily and cockily.
For once, have d balls to be brave, be YOU and do things because you want to do them not because they cajole u to!
don’t be fooled ladies know exactly what they are doing when they go demanding for things they don’t even need and airtime they would never call you with (this is how mugus and magas are made, this is where friendzoning begins).
it is your duty to fashion responses to deflect their demands and hold your sway.

To Be Continued…

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